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Flight controller

  • Reference: S20

The S20 have been well tune for Eagle Hero since maiden flight at 2015. Thousands of success mission proved the reliabilities around the market. All PID being stored inside the S20. Just plug and play then the Eagle Hero ready to go. S20 is the best options for the flight controller of Eagle Hero VTOL.

The S2 series, flight control and navigation system, is designed for an aircraft with miniature and small size electric conventional fixed wing, vertical take off and landing fixed wing (VTOL), also tilt rotor layout. It is internally integrated with flight control computer, micro-integrated navigation system (GPS/MINS), weight is only 85g.


Attitude precision
Heading precision
Position accuracy 2.5m
Height measuring range - 500m ~ 10000m
The range of voltage monitoring 0 ~ 52V
Voltage monitoring 2 channels
PWM output 8 channels
Digital output range 2 channels(multiplexed with
extended serial signal pin)
Expansion serial port 1 channel(multiplexed with
digital output signal pin)
Sbus input port 1 channel
Number of routes 8 routes(800 waypoints
on each route)
Built- in data logger 9 hours
Photographing point 10000 points
Emergency landing point 100 points


Electrical parameters

Power supply voltage DC4.5- 9.0V
Power consumption < 2W

Physical parameters

Weight 85 g
Dimensions(mm) 81*50*20.5

Operating Environment

Working temperature - 20℃~ 55℃
Storage temperature - 40℃~ 85℃

Features :

  • Cost- effective;
  • Support external differential GPS (RTK, PPK, Dual antenna directional functions are optional), and the external differential GPS is redundant with internal single- point GPS module, and the system will automatically select the better one;
  • Support hand launching, catapult, parachute landing, also vertical take-off and landing, tilt- rotor;
  • Onekey take-off, landing, hovering, circling, parachute landing, etc;
  • Support remove automatic take-off and landing, and automatically switch the mission route after the take-off is completed;
  • The perfect emergency protection mechanism can protect against low voltage, abnormal posture, high altitude, low GPS position accuracy, navigation system failure, exceeding of safety and control radius ranges, remote control failure, etc;
  • Support preset 100 landing points, automatically land nearby according while emergency;
  • Provide 8 user routes, each route provide max 800 waypoints; automatically generate hovering route, hovering center, hovering radius, and number of hovering circles;
  • Provide photo (shutter control) function in the flight segment, timing/fixed-distance setting can be set;
  • The flight information and mission information are recorded and downloaded separately. The flight information recording time is up to 9 hours, with the mission information record reach up to 10,000;
  • The ground monitoring and control software support online map and irregular multi-measurement automatic mapping route planning, and support automatic planning of oil, electric and other patrol routes, which can alert users to complete pre-flight inspection.