• New

3W 28cc gasoline engine

  • Weight: 2.2KG
  • Reference: 3W 28iCS


Cylinder capacity 28.5 ccm
Power 3.6 HP / 2.65 KW
Bore diameter 36.00 mm
Stroke 28.00 mm
Rpm range 1.500 – 8.500 U/min-1
Weight incl. ignition 1.210 kg
Crankshaft 3 ball bearing
Piston rod 3 ball bearing
Oil/gasoline ratio 1:50 - 1:80 (min. 92 Octane)
Ignition 6.0 – 8.4 V DC

Single cylinder as a competition engine (CS version)

The small, single-cylinder engine is suitable for 3D flight for the XTRA and VOTEC – FUNS models as well as for all other Funflyers up to 6 kg model mass. A static thrust of up to 8 kg can be achieved with suitable propellers. Thus it is appropriate for a wide variety of models. The enormous power development makes it comparable to other engines with larger displacements.

The 3W Competition series (CS version) distinguishes itself through greater performance, more rapid response behaviour, and high torque. The engine thereby achieves a high standard of performance. Transfer ports in the cylinder and crankcase are modified.

The microprocessor-controlled ignition enables simple engine control. The programmed ignition curve is exactly matched to the engines and guarantees good running characteristics in all rotation-al-speed ranges. The standard ignition can be operated with a voltage of 6 V up to 8.4 V (2-cell LiPo).

Sparkle Tech designed the automatic startor mechanism make it start simple by one click. The modular engine mount design achieve the plug and play of engine system in minutes.