• New

Tiger Shark VTOL 3500mm gasoline airframe

  • Brand: SparkleTech
  • Weight: 62.5KG
  • Reference: S1050

Construction :

- Ideal combination of high energy density gasoline and high efficiency electric motor
Complete composite construction using carbon fibre and Kevlar on a rigid honeycomb core structure

New fuselage design concept that conceals all avionics cables
- Robust structure engineered to industrial quality 

- Redundant power system for flight controller to maximize safety
- Compatible with PC-based, full-featured, open source autopilot system

- High durability gasoline engine from Germany

- Built in 5.2 L fuel tank
- Easy to assemble in the field, no need for expert skill
- VTOL to suit virtually any mission


Big Payload Long Range Gasoline Powered Rc Hybrid Vtol Fixed Wing Drone

Product Description:

Tiger Shark Hybrid VTOL has been specially designed for extralong endurance and heavier payloads to suit exceptionally challenging missions. It has been developed based on the success of the legendary Eagle Hero which has accomplished a range tough missions all over the world. With our innovative design approach and wealth of experience, we have achieved a highly efficient Tiger Shark Hybrid VTOL. It has a low stall speed and extended cruise window using the highly efficient gasoline engine from Germany. The flight time has been extended up to an astonishing 5 hours with uncompromised reliability. On top of the large payload capacity, we have also incorporated smart features such as detachable component bays.



Wing Span


Fuel tank





> 5 hours (1.5kg payload)

Fuel consumption

< 1L/ hour (21kg MTOW)

Mission range

500 +km

Cruise speed


Stall speed


Maximum speed


Service ceiling

< 2000m

Takeoff / Landing


Glide ratio (L / D)



Engine system:

The 3W-28iCS engine from Germany provided maximum reliability for extended UAV applications. This engine is so reliable that there is a factory warranty of 36 months or 1200 hours of operation from the date of purchase.

The customized auto starter system makes it possible to re-start the engine mid-flight. This is a significant fail-safe feature of our product.

Unique modular engine mount design allows for almost plug and play in the field. Replacement of the engine module just requires the removal of 3 screws and the whole process takes only minutes.




We have two packaging options for clients to choose. One is the case made with full composite material same as the airframe. Detachable roller made it easily moving round freely. There is a charge for this box. Of course, we also have free packaging option, carton packing. 


EA&TS packing