Eagle Plus UAV VTOL 3500mm

  • Weight: 42KG
  • Reference: Eagle Plus



Parameter Data
Endurance 5 hours
Cruise speed 28m/s (100km/h)
Max speed 31m/s (115km/h)
Stall speed 24m/s (86km/h)
Runway 5m x 5m


Parameter Data
Empty airframe (w/o battery, payload) 12.5Kg
Wingspan 3,500mm
Length 1,990mm
Height 300mm
Wing area 70dm2
Max payload (included Tank & battery, equipment) 10kg
Motor 500kv
Battery (LiPo 12s,10000mAh x 1, 9L/500w Hydrogen-cell x 1) 8.5kg
Take off /  landing VTOL

Full composite, carbon fiber / Honeycomb core structure
- Electric motor power
- Revolutionary huge fuselage design for carrying Hydrogen Liquid battery
- Cruise of 24m/s power consumption from 330-600 watt at 16.7kg MTOW
- Tough structure achieve industrial standard
- Dual battery power maximize the safety goal
- Compatible with full-featured PC-base, open source autopilot system
- Easy for assemble in the field, no need for expert skill
- VTOL suit for any mission

Eagle Plus Hydrogen VTOL has been specially designed for extralong endurance and heavier payloads to suit exceptionally challenging missions. It has been developed based on the success of the legendary Tiger Shark which has accomplished a range tough missions all over the world. With our innovative design approach and wealth of experience, we have achieved a highly efficient Eagle Plus Hydrogen VTOL. It has a low stall speed and extended cruise window using the highly efficient Hydrogen cell battery. The flight time has been extended up to an astonishing 4 hours with electric motor and uncompromised reliability.

The avionics system has undergone further significant improvements.

The quad-rotor system has been significantly upgraded to a whopping 22kg MTOW for literally “heavy duty” missions. Vertical take-off and landing has eliminated the restriction of runway requirement in the field. The quad-rotor has an added benefit of providing maximum failsafe protection against malfunctions during missions.

The Eagle Plus Hydrogen VTOL is durable and powerful. It can fly for over 4 hours, reach speeds of up to 120 km/h and travel for over 400km. It can fly autonomously, capture stunning HD photos for aerial mapping, recording HD video, complete 3D mapping, monitor crop health, and wirelessly transmit live video. Missions like border monitoring, highway monitoring, security, pipe line monitoring, search and rescue, surveillance can all be perfectly executed by the Eagle Plus Hydrogen VTOL. These are all achieved with incredible accuracy by an on-board flight controller system.