• New

4.4m Pro Shark VTOL airframe

  • Brand: SparkleTech
  • Weight: 90KG
  • Reference: Pro Shark



Wing Span





> 2-5 hours (depends on payload)

Mission range

180 +km

Cruise speed


Stall speed


Maximum speed


Service ceiling

< 4000m

Takeoff / Landing


Glide ratio (L / D)



- Complete composite construction using carbon fibre and Kevlar on a rigid honeycomb core structure
- New fuselage design concept that conceals all avionics cables
- Robust structure engineered to industrial quality 

- Dual battery system to maximize safety
- Compatible with PC-based, full-featured, open source autopilot system
- Easy to assemble in the field, no need for expert skill
- VTOL to suit virtually any mission

The Pro Shark VTOL is designed to be the most efficient in its class. The large wingspan and heavy loading design make it outstanding of the similar range of drone in the market. With our innovative design approach and abundant experience, not only have we achieved high efficiency, low stall speed, extended cruise window and large payload capacity, we have also incorporated the detachable payload compartment locate at the CG position. It means the payload changed will not affect the balance and make it flexible to adopt any difference payload for mission.

The powerful quad-rotor technology is now very mature. It enables vertical take-off and landing and eliminates the restriction of runway requirement in the field. The quad-rotor also provides maximum failsafe protection against any malfunctioning situation during mission.

The propulsion system provide variable options. Pure battery power, gasoline engine or even electric generator are available.

Long endurance and mission range are achieved through the smart choice and integration of high efficiency DC motors, Lithium battery and sophisticated electronic speed control systems.