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Eagle Hero Long Endurance VTOL drone with S40 flight control system

  • Brand: SparkleTech
  • Weight: 42KG
  • Reference: S1040

Caution:The gimbal camera in the photoes just for product rendering and have not include in the price!



Product Description:

  • Complete composite construction using carbon fibre and Kevlar on a rigid honeycomb core structure
    - New fuselage design concept that conceals all avionics cables
    - Robust structure engineered to industrial quality
    - Dual battery system to maximize safety
  • The S40  (cost- effective), flight control and navigation system, is designed for small size conventional fixed- wing, vertical take- off and landing fixed- wing, tilt - rotor  aircraft, with integrated flight control computer and micro- integrated navigation system (GPS/MINS).


Wing Span 3500mm
MTOW 18kg
Endurance >2 hours(1kg payload)
Mission range 180+ km
Cruise speed 24m/s
Stall speed 13m/s
Maximum speed 35m/s
Takeoff/Landing VTOL
Glide ratio(L/D) 25:1~28:1