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Small VTOL Drone Superbird Foldable Mini UAV

  • Brand: SparkleTech
  • Weight: 2.8KG
  • Reference: SuperBird



Production description:

With the superior aerodynamics of its flying wing design, the Superbird surpasses other well-known small quadrotor RPAS (drone) in performance by a wide margin –  the Superbird can fly several times longer and faster at the same time.

On top of that, the innovative addition of the quadrotors provided the much-preferred versatility of vertical takeoff, vertical-landing, and hovering.

The familiar problem of buying and shipping expensive custom Lithium batteries from the manufacturer does not exist for the Superbird.  It works on standard 18650 Li-ion batteries you can buy locally yourself.

When not in use, the wings can be folded up to save space – just like fighter jets on board aircraft carriers. The small packed size of 580 mm x 455 mm x 130 mm means it can fit into your backpack.

With a payload up to 200g or an endurance up to 2 hours, applications of the Superbird range from fun to professional missions. The sky is the limit.

Package detail Includes:

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