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NAV60 Differential/MINS Navigation System

  • Weight: 1KG
  • Reference: NAV60




1.1 System Overview

       Supported by Qianxun location services, the micro-assembly navigation systemNAV61 integrates Novatek OEM7 series differential modules and high-precision NAV40 Plus micro inertial navigation modules, with information fusion achieved through the built-in improved Extended Kalman Filter (EKF). It can effectively reduce the influence of carrier maneuvering, vibration, and environmental temperature and electromagnetic interference, providing the user with complete and reliable three-dimensional position, three-axis attitude, three-axis velocity, three-axis acceleration and three-dimensional high-precision position information, with the positioning accuracy up to centimeter level (base station assistance required),which can be widely used in aviation, robotics, unmanned vehicles, intelligent agricultural machinery, etc.

1.2 Scope of Application
    Aviation sector;
    Unmanned vehicles;
    intelligent agricultural machinery;
    intelligent transportation.

1.3 Characteristics of NAV60 System

◆Short preparation time and simple operation, for it requires no base station
during working;
◆With 4G network, its working distance is not limited by the radio;
◆It integrates Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), magnetic field meter, barometer, GPS receiver, Kalman filter to provide complete three-dimensional position,
User’s Mannual of NAV60 4/21
three-axis attitude, three-axis speed, three-axis acceleration and other navigation
◆ In the environment where GPS is absent, the Kalman filter automatically
degrades procession while still outputs information including attitude, speed, acceleration, and altitude, etc.;
◆NAV60 internally integrates dual-redundancy inertial device, which can switch
the standby margin in real time according to the working state to improve the system
operation reliability. ◆With built-in ADI high-accuracy accelerometer, it works at a wide range of
◆ It supports external magnetic compass, for the convenience of the user to
choose the installation of the area with smaller magnetic interference, improving the
precision of course measurement;
◆It supports external dual-antenna GPS directional module, which is capable of
operation without the magnetic compass, providing the user with high-precision
heading solutions in harsh magnetic environment(Dual antenna heading accuracy is
0.08 ° at 2m baseline);
◆It integrates pneumatic altimeter, with the resolution of 0.01m, ranging from
1kPa to 120kPa;
◆ Simultaneous outputting of the attitude information under different pedestal
(coordinate system) is operational, to provide a solution for the varying modal user;
◆Data output frequency can be configured, up to 200Hz, 10Hz by default;
◆ Data output interface RS232C, baud rate is configurable, up to 307200bps
115200, N, 8, 1 by default;
◆Small dimension, light weight, low power consumption;
◆Working temperature: -40℃~85℃;
◆It supports customized structure, size, and data forma

Performance Inde


Notes: If data output frequency is set at a relatively high level, the user needs to
increase the baud rate of the serial communication synchronously, otherwise there
will be dropped frames (recommended baud rate of 307200bps for the data output
frequency of 200Hz)

Function block diagram