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NAV30/40/50 GPS/MINS Navigation System

  • Weight: 1KG
  • Reference: NAV30/40/50


Flight control

System introduction

1.1 System overview
      The NAV series GPS/MINS assembly navigation system integrates three-axis
gyroscopes, three-axis accelerometers, three-axis magnetometers, GPS receiver modules, barometric altimeters and other miniature sensors, with information fusion achieved
through the built-in improved Extended Kalman Filter (EKF). It can effectively reduce the
influence of carrier maneuvering, vibration, and environmental temperature and
electromagnetic interference, providing the user with complete and reliable
three-dimensional position, three-axis attitude, three-axis velocity, three-axis acceleration
and other information up to 200Hz, which can be widely used in navigation, control, and
dynamic measuring. Among NAV series products, NAV50 is of high-reliability (supports OEM), NAV40 is
cost-effective and NAV30 belongs to the OEM type,the three of which can be selected
upon actual requirements. The NAV40 Plus is a wide temperature product (-40°C to +85°C) based on the NAV40, which is more cost-effective and more accurate.

1.2 Scope of application
     Aviation sector;
     Marine field;
     Unmanned vehicles;
     Human posture

1.3Characteristics of NAV30/NAV40/NAV50 System
      ◆It integrates Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), magnetic field meter, barometer, GPS receiver, Kalman filter to provide complete three-dimensional position, three-axis attitude, three-axis speed, three-axis acceleration and other navigation

      ◆ In the environment where GPS is absent, the Kalman filter automatically degrades procession while still outputs information including attitude, speed, acceleration, and altitude, etc.;

      ◆ NAV50 internally integrates three-dimension inertial devices, and the main redundancy is high-quality ADI gyros and accelerometers, which can switch reserve margins in real time according to operating conditions. It has the dual advantages of
high measurement accuracy and high reliability;

      ◆NAV40 internally integrates dual-redundancy inertial device, which can switch the standby margin in real time according to the working state to improve the system operation reliability.

      ◆NAV40 Plus is an upgraded version of the NAV40, which maintains the physical dimensions and interface of the NAV40 and is adaptable to wide operating temperatures from -40°C to +85°C with higher accuracy.

      ◆ It supports external differential GPS, and is mutually redundant with the internal single point positioning GPS module. The system automatically chooses to employ GPS data of better positioning status;

      ◆ It supports external magnetic compass, for the convenience of the user to choose the installation of the area with smaller magnetic interference, improving the precision of course measurement;

      ◆It supports external dual-antenna GPS directional module, which is capable of operation without the magnetic compass, providing the user with high-precision heading solutions in harsh magnetic environment;

      ◆NAV30 belongs to the OEM type, and the structure is divided into two parts:
      User’s manual of NAV30/40/50 5/24 the GPS module and the inertial measurement module. It can be installed on the entire
board or be used in cascade, or separately (inertial measurement module can complete
all functions without GPS), for the convenience of the user to conduct the system

      ◆It integrates pneumatic altimeter, with the resolution of 0.01m, ranging from 1kPa to 120kPa;

      ◆ Simultaneous outputting of the attitude information under different pedestal (coordinate system) is operational, to provide a solution for the varying modal user;

      ◆ Data output frequency can be configured, up to 200Hz, 200Hz by default;

      ◆ Data output interface RS232C, baud rate is configurable, 307200, N, 8, 1 by default;

      ◆Small dimension, light weight, low power consumption. NAV30 weighs about 8g, and supports the entire board installation or cascade installation, and NAV50 OEM board is about 30g;

      ◆Working temperature: NAV30/NAV40: -20°C~55°C NAV50: -40°C~85°C; NAV40 Plus:-40℃~85℃;

      ◆It supports customized structure, size, and data format

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Functional Block Diagram