• New

Quad-rotor VTOL drone SP3000

  • Brand: SparkleTech
  • Weight: 14KG
  • Reference: SP3000



Axis Distance

Working Voltage 22.2V(6S)
Battery 20Ah

Empty Weight

Takeoff  Weight 2.8KG

Cruise Speed

Endurance 70Mins
Max Payload 3KG
Max Power 1200W





  1. Please make sure you are over 18 years old when operating our products;
  2. Please strictly follow the instruction when using the product;
  3. When operating the drone product,all personnel must keep a safe distance of more than 5 meters from the aircraft at all times;;
  4. Do not operate after drinking alcohol or taking drugs and contraband that may affect flight operations;
  5. Before take-off,the aircraft must confirm that GPS signals are good, the number of satellites received id greater than or equal to 16,and there is no shelter above;
  6. Do not work in bad weather, such as thunder,rain and snow,strong wind, visibility is less than 600 meters;
  7. Do not operate this product for flight operations without professional training;
  8. Please do not modify the products;
  9. The speed should not exceed 15/s,and there should be no shielding between the aircraft and the operator during takeoff and landing or operation;
  10. Please do not use the product in densely  populated areas,such as schools;
  11. Please stay away from high-rise buildings,high-voltage lines,signal towers,and dense electromagnetic wave environment;
  12. If there are onlookers watching ,let them stand behind the operator to visit, and must comply with point 3 and 9;
  13. Do not operate in the take off and landing routes of aircraft ,and keep a straight line distance of at lease 15km from the airport;
  14. Please check whether all part are in good condition before flight.If any parts are aging or damage,please do nor fly;
  15. Before each flight,check to ensure that all plugs and connectors are secure;
  16. Do not use lithium battery pack that has not been tested and certified, or mix old and new battery pack;
  17. Be sure to check the normal operation of the aircraft before take-off to avoid danger and loss;
  18. Do  not get close to or touch the rotating motor or propeller to avoid being cut by the rotating propeller;
  19. It is recommend to remove the battery when it is not working or during transportation to avoid unnecessary losses;
  20. Do not unscrew the installed bolts easily to avoid damage;
  21. When installing bolts, tighten them properly .If too large,they may be damaged;if small,they may be loss;
  22. Prevent liquid,dust, metal debris and other foreign bodies from entering the electronic equipment,which will cause significant damage to the aircraft,and even lead to accidents!



  • Please fly in open field and stay away from the crowd.
  • Please fly at the attitude behind 2000 meters.
  • Please fly at the temperature between 0℃ to 40℃ or good whether(expect Heavy rain, windy or other extreme whether).
  • Please comply with local lows and regulations and fly in legal areas.
  • Do not fly indoor.


  • Ensure that all equipment is fully charge.
  • Ensure all parts are in good condition.If any part are aged or damaged,please replace them before flying.
  • Ensure  landing gear and work box are securely installed and all screws are locked.
  • Ensure that the propeller is intact and securely installed,that the blades and arms are fully extended,and that the folds are secured with safety screws.
  • Ensure that the aircraft motor is clean and undamaged.


  • Keep away from rotating propellers and motors.
  • Be sure to fly under a takeoff weight of less than 5kg (when near sea level ) to avoid danger .
  • Please fly within sight range.
  • Locking or otherwise stopping the motor while flying will cause the aircraft to crash.Use this function only in emergency situation.
  • Do not make or receive calls during the flight, and do not operate the aircraft while under the influence of  alcohol or drugs.
  • Please return as soon as possible when low power warning.The aircraft will nor avoid obstacles when it returns automatically.If the remote control signal is normal, the flight course cab be controlled by the remote control.
  • After landing,shut down the aircraft first to avoid the remote control signal loss, and start the return mode.
  • Keep control of the aircraft at all times and do not rely on information provide by the mobile ground station.Please rely on visual observation to judge the flight situation reasonably to avoid obstacles in time, and set the corresponding flight and return altitude according to the flight environment.


  • Please make a check before every flight and change the deformed or damaged propellers.
  • The aircraft is suitable for storage in -20℃ to 40℃ environment.
  • After operation ,the staff should clean the aircraft and maintain regularly.
  • Storage in dry environment to avoid moisture.