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RP02 Flight controller for drone

  • Brand: SparkleTech
  • Weight: 1KG
  • Reference: RP02

Product Contruction:

Dome of flight control is a vehicle controller hardware, through Ardupilot official code combined support, can be found in the official code and the firmware library QIOTEKZealotF427, PX4, INAV, BETAFLIGHT firmware at present.  

The hardware main control system uses STM32F427VIT6 chip, and as an economic and practical scheme, IMU adopts the mainstream ICM20699+ICM20649 scheme, combined with shock absorption ball independent suspension structure system and temperature control system.  

The barometer adopts MS5611+DPS310 dual barometer scheme, and the built-in compass adopts QMC5883.  

The connector has independent 14-channel PMW GPIO and independent 4-channel high and low level IO control, which is suitable for multi-axis, helicopter, vehicle, ship, fixed wing and VTOL application scenarios with multiple interface requirements.  

Peripheral interface has two independent ammeter power supply and current, dual - Voltage monitoring system, all interfaces use the mainstream GH1.25 interface, and design side double large LED system indicators.  

Built-in OSD system, 1.5ABEC all the way, so that the controller is highly centralized, and the use of CNC aircraft aluminum shell technology, to adapt to the amateur industry and commercial application scenarios.